[SourceRGANI, F. 52, Op. step 1, D. 512, ll. 2-5. Interpreted by the Svetlana Savranskaya. Obtainable on

[SourceRGANI, F. 52, Op. step 1, D. 512, ll. 2-5. Interpreted by the Svetlana Savranskaya. Obtainable on

F. Castro told you subsequent that this evening he’d discover N. S. Khrushchev’s message about general and you will done disarmament within past Standard Installation class, while having our statement throughout the Committee from ten Regions during the Geneva.

Next F. Castro said that as well as ailment of Us regulators to have its complicity from the revival regarding German militarism however worry brand new only characteristics of the Soviet proposals towards Italian language question together with question of Berlin, and also like brand new removal of all of the overseas bases into overseas territory. F. Castro proceeded, in my message We want to together with point out that army basics to your overseas area not simply present a threat so you’re able to serenity, but they are plus impermissible interference on the interior issues of these countries, inasmuch since exposure of these basics by itself limitations its sovereignty.

In spite of the anti-Cuban, anti-revolutionary propaganda from inside the Tv, movie, and you will print media in the us, they are aware the truth as they are sympathetic on revolution from inside the Cuba

During the time of subsequent discussion F. Castro conveyed a want to chat at General Set-up immediately following N. S. Khrushchev so you can hold the fundamental proposals of message of your own direct of the Soviet government having better functionality.

Upcoming F. Castro said that through the their remain in Ny the guy intended to determine contact with this new thoughts of one’s governing bodies regarding almost every other nations, and especially on agents of your regions out of Africa.

[not copied: verses towards constraints into movements out-of Castro in the The York; future anti-American facts of your Cuban government; Dominican-Cuban relations while the unproductive plan regarding Trujillo]

To conclude F. Castro questioned me personally once more to pass their gratitude to N. S. Khrushchev on help. F. Castro told you further, I will be adopted regarding the visit to the latest United nations Standard Set up by the Nunez Jimenez. The guy privately intends to invest ten-several days within the New york, irrespective of as he will be given an opportunity to cam.

Fidel Castro said he was very happy to hear that Letter.S. Khrushchev would come for a visit, despite all obstacles. Such an important person as the head of the Soviet government would be the first to visit the Prime Minister of such a small country as Cuba. This is very important for the Cubans and for public opinion as a whole.

N.S. Khrushchev replied that he has been waiting for this opportunity for a long time, and it is a great pleasure to meet with Fidel Castro. “The powers do not treat us very well,” N.S. Khrushchev continued, “but this should not trouble us. We are cheerful and inspired when our enemies are raging in anger. The American government’s attitude is a manifestation of their powerlessness. They do stupid things and all sensible people condemn their behavior.”

Next, Letter.S. Khrushchev asserted that he would wish use this chance to share their deep admiration to have Fidel Castro yourself and you can due to your with the heroic Cuban individuals overall.

After his deviation the fresh Cuban delegation is lead by Minister regarding Overseas Affairs Raul Roa

F. Castro noted that the poorest people in New York are the Hispanics and Blacks. The Hispanics enthusiastically greeted the Cuban delegation at the airport. The US authorities tried to deceive them, claiming that the plane with the delegation would land at another airport.

N.S. Khrushchev said all Latin Americans understand that Cuba’s new government is doing everything for the people. He noted further that [Adlai E.] Stevenson said in a recent article that the State Department should protect America from Communism, but the communists are already in New York, so [the State Department] has to put up defenses in Manhattan.

[SourceRGANI, F. 52, Op. step 1, D. 512, ll. 2-5. Interpreted by the Svetlana Savranskaya. Obtainable on

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