Shortly after four men and women are brought, a meeting is actually caused where Trevor was taken on the camp on gunpoint

Shortly after four men and women are brought, a meeting is actually caused where Trevor was taken on the camp on gunpoint


  • Snatched Woman; zero reward
  • Inebriated Couple2x; $forty
  • Inebriated Rider; $80


  • Runaway Fiance; +5 Operating stat
  • Woman Hitchhiking; +5 Operating stat
  • Lacey Jonas; $750


  • Ursula; +5 Operating stat, Booty Name
  • Castro Lagano; $80, Golf enemy
  • Antonia Bottino; $60,000+


The guy need to next strive their way to avoid it of material by killing the cult people. There are five briefcases in the camp that features $twenty-five,one hundred thousand each (totalling $one hundred,000), including an enthusiastic RPG, an assault Shotgun, a baseball Bat, Looks Armour and you can a health prepare to the gate see tower, all of these (but the money) respawn. The new firearms respawn, so despite men and women are beaten, it’s best to hang about the go camping getting an effective portion and you can stock up.

Whilst camp may sound given up adopting the shootout, this may not at all times function as case; even in the event zero Altruists spawn on the camp if it is approached by walking or by the automobile, a number of p thru chopper; they be seemingly very skittish, because they tend to flee in case your helicopter hovers/countries near her or him (it usually functions regarding the enhanced adaptation, not affirmed in other brands). It p during a job, or if a character is actually transformed in order to while they are in the new boundaries of the camp.

How come Altruists come after the shootout is actually undecided; it could have left habitants, that could including explain the undeniable fact that cigarette smoking will continue to increase off certain cabins’ chimneys), otherwise it’s simply a programming supervision.


(Pursuing the athlete completes the new Altruist Cult Shootout) “A size suicide appears to have happened in the a remote cult camp throughout the slopes close Chiliad Mountain County Wilderness. The group, known as Altruists, seemingly have started comprised of middle-agers. These people were generally nude or wearing primitive towels and you can involved in a number of grisly means together with person compromise and you will you can cannibalism. Cops will always be investigating your website, but it seems these people were several technophobes, alien hunters, firearm crazy and you will anti-ageists pretty sure they might recover teens by drinking brand new blood or restaurants the brand new flesh regarding young victims. The newest cult, who seems to have presented into the generational conflict and you will preoccupied by the increasing loss of seniors stature as almost every other demographics purchased to have some ownership over the world. As much as 50 age sociopaths are considered to have lived in the fresh new material. This isn’t known what enjoys occurred towards the other individuals otherwise if this try a committing suicide, a performance or section of everyday activity in San Andreas.”

Haphazard Enjoy

Michael De Santa or Franklin Clinton could possibly get encounter an arbitrary enjoy which is brought about somewhere in High Chaparral, where several cult players you will need to attack a lady. They may be able help save the woman or take her in order to this lady family from inside the Balance.

Events regarding Grand Theft Vehicle On the internet

The newest Altruist Cult try confirmed so you can still be productive at the time of 2021. They’re able to can be found in the protection price purpose Rescue Procedure, fighting a millionaire near Raton Canyon immediately following having take to off his helicopter. The player, with the Franklin Clinton’s sales, was assigned with preserving the fresh billionaire when you find yourself fending from the getting Altruists.


There aren’t any members named inside events of games. An evident frontrunner is seen throughout Trevor’s shootout feel.

Web site

The cult’s web site, obtainable towards in-online game internet browser, is altruistsunite. You’ll find the latest expression of cult there, as well as multiple strings out of Morse password. The morse code usually means that:

Shortly after four men and women are brought, a meeting is actually caused where Trevor was taken on the camp on gunpoint

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